Terms and conditions for donors using the website Time to Help

  1. KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o., with registered seat at Pobřežní 1a, 186 00 Praha 8, company registration number: 00553115, tax identification number: CZ699001996, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Metropolitan Court in Prague, Section C, File 326 (hereinafter referred to as "Operator"), is the operator of the website Time to Help (hereinafter referred to as "Website") (see www.caspomahat.cz), which enables donors (hereinafter referred to as "Donor") to donate financial means (hereinafter referred to as "Donation") in a fast and easy manner to the Ondrášek mobile hospice, a non-profit organisation (hereinafter referred to as "Non-profit organisation") by means of a payment gateway.
  2. The Donor accepts that the relations between the Donor and the Operator, as well as the relations between the Donor and the Non-profit organisation, are governed by the provisions of these Terms and conditions.
  3. All information and personal data provided by the Donor to the Operator of the Website are confidential. The Donor accepts that this data will be transferred to the Non-profit organisation in order to identify the Donation.
  4. The Donor can make a Donation to the Non-profit organisation by means of the payment methods offered by the website; at the same time, the given payment method is allowed by the Non-profit organisation.
  5. The Website offers mainly the following payment methods: one-off payment by MasterCard and VISA payment cards, and wire transfer from a checking account.
  6. The Donor may ask for a donation receipt to be sent to them. If the Donor does so, they must provide all the data necessary for the receipt's delivery. The donation receipt will be sent by the Non-profit organisation. With the donation receipt, the Donor may subtract the Donation amount from their tax base, provided they fulfil the relevant conditions of the Income Tax Act.
  7. Upon a request by the Non-profit organisation, the Website will send an e-mail to the Donor confirming the Donation, which can be used as a confirmation for tax purposes. The Website will send the same confirmation to the Non-profit organisation. Should the Donor lose this confirmation, they may ask the Non-profit organisation for it. The Website will not send a second confirmation.
  8. By making the Donation, the Donor confirms that they have read these Terms and conditions and accepted them and that the Donation was made in compliance with them. The Donor declares that all personal data they have provided are valid and that they are the person who made the Donation, thus qualifying for the donation receipt for income tax purposes.
  9. By making the Donation, the Donor confirms that the money donated comes from legal sources.
  10. The Donor is aware that making the Donation does not entitle them to use the trade marks, business names, company logos or other items of intellectual or industrial property belonging to the Operator, the Non-profit organisation or other persons.
  11. The Non-profit organisation is fully responsible for the way the Donation is used, in compliance with the publicly beneficial nature of the fundraising purpose.
  12. The Operator is not liable for the damage incurred by a breach of the law, these Terms and conditions or contracts by any Non-profit organisation or any Donor.

These Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally amended and completed by the Operator, with the change taking effect fifteen days after its publication on www.caspomahat.cz. Should the Donor disagree with any such change, they are obliged to notify the Operator within fifteen days after the publication of the change.

KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o.